Book on how to study Discomycetes

Dear Mycologist colleagues and friends,

Our team has prepared an English version of a guide for all mycologists.

After the large success of the French version in 2023,  we’ve been asked many times for an English version. It will be released next month. We do thank our late friend Chris Yeates and Caroline Hobbart from the British Mycological Society for their most valuable help in the translation!

This richly illustrated manual is aimed at beginners and more experienced mycologists alike, covering all levels of study of the ascomycetes known as “Extracts“, mainly the Helotiales, Pezizales and Orbiliales. (From Helvella to Lachnum, from Peziza to Ciboria, Mollisia, Hymenoscyphus, Scutellinia  and so on).
Where and how to collect them, what to look out for, what literature to consult? The explanations, advice, photos and drawings will help you to approach and describe these fascinating mushrooms, which are often neglected because of a lack of a complete and practical method available to date.
As a non profit organization entirely dedicated to the knowlege of Ascomycetes, the editor will release the book in February 2024 at a very modest price. See our multilingual web site :

Benefit from a special offer . This guide is designed to fit into any mycologist’s library. Do not hesitate to take advantage of the special offer to prepare your group orders for your societies, training structures, libraries… including by anticipating later requests during meetings or exhibitions.
Would you please help us in the best distribution possible in your country ? Which organisation, bookseller … should I contact ?

Please see an order form attached  along with a few extracts.
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